Saturday, April 12, 2008

ICN + Malam Inspirasi Seni

Eupho sudah, Fesco pun sudah.

 On 11th of April 2008, International Student Committee of UTP, ISC held it's annual event, ICN or International Cultural Festival. It was entertaining, fun and energetic~! Congratulations to Donovan Peter of our very own IS class as it's project director. Also to Alif, Haniff, Kamil, Amin, Rusydi as the committee members.
 It is a night to remember.

Tonight MIS took place at MPH. our very own Achan[Zaufan] and Halim[Az-zariyat] compete for this pretigous nasyid competition. Achan is very energetic of percussions and Halim was ever soulful with his vocals. The competition was tough. in the end, Az-zariyat took first place, and Zaufan got third.

Congratulations to everyone.

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