Thursday, April 10, 2008

Uncle D

I’m Loving It….


Sounds familiar? That’s the tagline for McDonalds’ or Mickey D’s or McD’s. Whatever suits you. Well, our UTP has its own fast [seriously?] food chain. Uncle D’s or better known as In2eat. I’m not sure about the one in Pocket C, but the one in pocket D is really burning a hole is our pockets. With a “JE” demeanor that will sure drive you up the wall or tear your hair out, Uncle D will charge some of the most ridiculous prices you’ll ever know. For example:

1 Mee Soto + 1 Iced Drink = RM 4.40 je…

1 Hot Dog Bun + 1 Iced Drinks = RM3.00 je…

I mean c’mon… lunch is cheaper than that. I could rush off to a nasi ayam stall and get some sirap and it will not cost more than RM3.50. Okay, why not just go to other cafes instead of this one?

Spekulasi tak tepat : Kemungkinan Uncle D sedang menaikkan harga Kek Apollo.

Sometimes in between classes we need to refresh, especially if you have an early morning class. The location of Uncle D’s is much more convenient than V3 café or any other café for that matter. Whatever it is, guys, let’s avoid eating at Uncle D’s for the time being. Uncle D needs to know that RM1.40 for a drink is too damn expensive. You don’t see Sabilah charging that price right?

It’s not just the price. I’ll bet you with my not so useful phone that if the service is excellent and the food is five star, students won’t mind paying. But, y’all know what I’m talking ‘bout right?

Remember Uncle D, “Greed is one of the 7 unforgivable sins”

Justin Timberlake selalu bergurindam, “What Goes Around, Goes Around, Goes Around, Comes All the Way Back Around”

by illy maznah


Anonymous said...

to think about it..i think it's reasonable to that uncle D [that wut u all caleed him rite?] utk bg hrg tuh..
mmg as a student yg slalu mkn kt cafe hrg dia murah..beza sgt ngn kt poket D..mst a hangen ngn tiba2 kn?..tekejut bagak huh!..
nape perlu kita fikir cmtu?
nape takde sorg yg tampil g tny..
"pakcik..nape hrg ni cmni..nape ni cmni..etc.."

myb sbb sewa tmpt tuh mahal n amyb ada sbb lain..klu rs mahal..sng jeh..boikot sudey..pnah kt kantin skola tmpt aku kerja dlu..tender sblm ni pnah diboikot sbb hrg yg agak keterlaluan bg budak2 skola yg takde skoler..itu budak skola..takde skoler..kita? ada skoler..
yerp ada skoler..beli henpon baru tiap kali masuk duit..takesah...banje awek mekdi la..kepsi la..mahal? xkesah..priceless org ckp..
nape ngn pakcik nih yg terang2 Islam..korg nk mlenting lak?..ttba ngutuk dia kt blkg..tabaek ar..btter tny reason..mana tau bhn mntah mahal ke..mcm kak yong tau fu tuh..yg kawen arini..alhamdulillah..12 april..jmpt aku tadapat g..mnta maap kak..kak yong tau fu tu klu pasan hrg dia naik sposen..padahal pmbekal dia naik hrg 20sen kt dia..meaning? dia tadapt utg pun~ "kak dpt sket je dik..sewa pun mahal..9 atus sbulan"..kak tu sbut dlm nada sedih..susah kot niaga neh..jgn a anggap kita ni dpt skoler..blaja tgi..leh ckp mcm2..respek a sama..korg try a bniaga..then feel like them fell..bkn sng nk niaga..


gEr said...

yupp....btol gk tu....patotnye ade sorg gi ckp kt pakcik tu....rege foods pakcik mahal masalahnye pakcik tu yg berkire sgt...air bungkus rege laen....sambal ikan bilis 60sen....slalu sambal free jek...siap skrg suh org jage lg sambal...kalo nk sambal nnt ade pekerja pakcik D amek kan...ntah pape da...dlm berniaga foods ni, kene la berlebeh kurang sket...dia ari2 ade customer kn?only weekend ape risau kalo dia bwt mura sket...customer ari2 kompom ade...laen la dlm seminggu dia cume bole dpt rmai customer 2 or 3 ari jek....juz my 2 cents...

Anonymous said...

Mpp batch kite..alert la mpp...


Anonymous said...

mende neh ade da org anta email kat rector..ade dlm elearning..

lgpun arituh ade je dak tye knape hege kat situ mahal..die gelak je siap tye balik'"mahal ke?" cmne?


Anonymous said...

aku ada post kt k5 bout this..n ade mpp da rply..mnurut bliau..mereka da bncg bout some gud news from them


gEr said...

yup....hope ade perubahan la....tu je kafe plg dekat dgn tempat belaja...kang gi mkn kt v3 or v5 tros x gi kelas lak....adusss~