Monday, April 7, 2008

Internet oh Internet

Again about the internet issue.. Lately our interent system has been sooo slowwww , at one time it feels like were using dial-up connection.Im so frustrated as most most my friends did (based on moaning at thIEr gtalk status),because maintainance of the blog mainly based by the internet....

Cmne la nak jadi yg "one of the best", if we cant even solve our simple internet problem.Nak tau sbb pe internet slow?Explanation have been made by these people,

or you can try

Both sources or reliable , so read both and fikir-fikirkanlah yg terbaik utk kita.

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Anonymous said...

both sources are reliable?
one of the link is totally out of the
theory..just think it logically u can know which one is bweh! :P