Saturday, April 5, 2008

itis FirsT posT!

CIS = ICT + BIS. We’re the ones about to leave all of you guys for another phase in our academics life; INTERNSHIP. So far, more than 50% has received offers, mainly from PETRONAS or its subsidiary. In June, all of us will part ways for a little bit. Some of us are flying across the South China Sea to Sabah and Sarawak, some are being sent to the east coast, some are enjoying themselves at home and a few lucky ducks will fly overseas. To those who found themselves searching for housemates and houses to rent, kudos to you~! You’re experiencing some of life phases a bit earlier than the rest of us. To those who hasn’t got any internship placement yet, that’s okay, someone will take you, maybe at better companies than the rest of us. I think that’s all from me this time. Till the next one,
Love Always,

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