Sunday, April 13, 2008

Know The Founder

Let's learn a little bit about the man who has worked hard to make this blog possible.

Muhammad Syafeeq B Ebining Amir also known as Stonecold, Stopek, Syafeeq is the oldest child in his family of 4 siblings. He lives in Alor Star, Kedah. Syafeeq studied at SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa before continue studying at UTP for Jan05 batch. Here, he initially took BIS course but later he changed to Mechanical Engineering. That's how he ended up having same lectures as us, thus sparkling our batch with his humor and 'Sempoi'ity.
Syafeeq is a big fan of football, especially for Arsenal FC and Kedah FC. He is also playing football here, in UTP League for Sona FC and also futsal with Team Petang-Petang. His skill in dribbling often confused his opponent in matches, thus making him feared whenever he plays. Combined with other powerful attributes, such as high shooting accuracy, this man is unfortunate that Arsene Wenger didn't extend his scouting network in Malaysia. OK, maybe that's a little bit hyperbolic, but you can see my point.
There are too many things to say about this guy, but maybe later in another posts. Short conclusion, thanks to Syafeeq to make this blog a reality.

Syafeeq's Birthday : 30th April (this month??)


NaS said...

kenapa gambar beLon???haha

syafeeq said...

wey ... apsal tetibe ade aku plak nih.... nnt og ingat ak gile glemer plak... ak ingatkan korg nak kenalkan sape td ... sbb tuh ak approve... sigh... jgn a gini ye lenkali... ape kate pekenalkan org yg lain..

Anonymous said...

pervert sial founder kita..


zopakkun said...
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zopakkun said...

haha..aku mmg nk wat org len..ingatkan setiap author knlkan cosmet satu week sorg ke..tuptaptuptap,kula start ng ko dlu..xpe2..take the credit sc..u deserve it =)