Saturday, April 5, 2008

So what's next?

...the blog dah hampir siap dah... alhamdullillah & thanks to all yg help utk setelkan projek nih... =] ... ok now we at myjuly05 nak give a chance to all of you from july05 , for those who interested to become writers in the blog to represent his course (it,cv,etc) are welcomed!! So if you think la kan you are frenly, komited, love your batch and likes to blog , please come and join us at myjuly05, or if you think somebody should be writing , vote for him / her and i'll contact him / her.,and plus we need a guy and a gurl for each course. =]
this includes mech eng ye.. i will not be the representative for mech..

those writer's duty is mainly to publish post about thier course.Posts includes gossips , news , announcement, entertainment , renungan, advertisement and much2 more that related to thier courses.Meaning that if you want to marah test susah ke , nak gtau ade couple clash ke , nak wat pengunguman ade test or class cencelled ke, it should be about your course ok~~

so please get me informed if you're interested..
you can contact me at , by mail or gtalk its up 2 u...

p/s :: It is not fair la kan if one man je control posting.. hihi..

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