Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank You

Just a simple post here, recently we had conducted a poll regarding myjuly05 , and 83% of you likes the idea of the blog.We appreciate your support and with your undeniable trust, we will try to give the best to our batch.So far I personally think that this blog has, and still, within its main objective, which is to '''mengeratkan silaturrahim'' and the place for all of us to discuss, gossiping, and update some news. Of course there are some criticism, both which are good and ''not good'' ones, well not good doesnt mean it was bad, it means that we will have to improve.Some of the critics are about post contents , branding name , and the design.We appriciate all of your opinions because without you guys , there is no myjuly05.
Thank you for all

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ParaPara said...

thank you to founder..
thank you to all...
epi besday SC..
epi new year SC..
epi epi SC..