Saturday, May 24, 2008

Missing wallet

Sesape yg time jalan2 tu ade ternampak dompet BUM warna hitam,lengkap ngan IC,kad bank dan mende2 yg patut ade dlm wallet, sile reply kt sni k. Ni nombor individu berkenaan 012-7020294. klu nk jd cite mmg korg trjmpe,contact2 la nombor ni k.mane tau dpt blanje makan ke.hehe..harap dpt spreadkan orait..thanks~

Friday, May 23, 2008

End Semester Recap

Okaylah the semester is coming towards the end,
dalam satu sem nih mcm2 yg kita lalui bersama kan,
but of course, every semester, there must be some
event that stands out among others, so kat bawah ni dilistkan
few events, tp based on mechanical engineering students je la,
sbb im one of those... =]

Subject of the semester
MED 2 : seriusly lpas blajar subjek nih, rasa cm dah jadi mech eng

Unfortunate Lecturer of the semester
Mr Idris : have to teach mechatronics whereas he is a Vibration lecturer

Confiusion of the semester
Heat trasfer class that is cancelled.Masa edx tu kami pg la kelas dia, tgk2 kat board tulis
'see u at the edx', so edx kan dua hari, kami x pg la esoknya.Tgk2 sok ada klas.Lecturer
sorg2 lak pg klas.

Project of the semester
1.MED 2
runner up : Heat, why? last minutes havoc.

Conflict of the semester
Heat transfer final exam date.

Tak tau apa of the semester
Heat transfer subject

Final exam of the semester
Probstat.Since its been a long time we took our exam together with other courses students.

Anticipated exam of the semester
Heat transfer.Last paper.

Hey we meet him again lecturer of the semester
Mr Azman.Credit to him, MOM was good.

Feeling great of the semester
After test 1.Rasa cam dah habeh final exam.

Couple of the semester

Birthday party of the semester
1.Pitmin.Blanja makan kat sithick
runner up.Ekin.Shud be no 1,tp I missed plak sbb hanphone x bunyi time org msg/call.

Lab report of the semester
Heat transfer again.Everybody got full marks.

Tips of the semester
Heat transfer.Soooo specific, but still nobody know anything about heat transfer

Series of the semester
1. Prison break
2. xoxo
3. How I met your mother

Mech Eng gamers of the semester
Wazini, johan counter strike, 3rd place pes 2008 tournament

Lecturer of the semester
1.Mr Razol (PCS).To those yg nak ambik pcs, this is your lecturer.
runner up- Mr Ahmad Maher

Holiday break of the semester
Mid semester break, as always

Best students of the semester
Who do you think?

The most famous mech eng students of the semester
Hard to judge, =p

Games of the semester (for mech students)
1. MotoGp
2. The scruffs fever

Pasrah of the semester
Heat transfer

The most viewed picture in blog (Mech eng) of the semester
Nini.nearly 50

Hari yg plg malas pegi kelas of the semester
Thursday.So hectic

Happening's of the semester (some mech students included)
1.Pakatan piggan mangkuk
2.Explore RC
3.Mech Eng club family day.
4.Robocon trip to Germany
5.Golden nuggets in the quarter

Embarassing moments of the semester
Ade sorg gurl tu nak g wat lab tp silap bawak lab coat.Yg dia bawak adalah telekung smyg.

Uncaring roomates of the semester
1. Farid - x wish pon besday aku sbb may b dia x tau bila.
runner-up = me myself = wish besar2 besday farid kat status, last2 org bgtau besday dia dua hari sebelum tu.

'Alamakk' of the semester
1. Heat transfer date that changed again and again
2. Kelas replacement Thermo 2 part 1, ade lepas jumaat pukul 3 dua mggu bturut2.

Frustration of the semester
1.Thermodynamics Final exam
runner up - test 1 and test 2 heat transfer
third place - MED project yg kantoi
fourth place - 3 test in a row during study week

Software of the semester
runner up - CATIA P3

Unfortunate students of the semester
Pijat - broke his leg, have to extend semester
Mazuan - Accidents,again.

Reading table subject of the semester
MED 2.
Imagine sooo many tabes.Now times that by a thousand.

Typo of the semester
1. aku.toge.11 : okeh2, haha , kubang3 , kuang3
2. orangeprints: diorg dah gerak ke? jap aku tanye us
stone.s.cold: us? uskandar?

Ther are so much more that I can remember for this semester, but those are the selected
one that most stands out.So cheer up guys, till we meet again next semester.

Last Post From This Sem

Salam..Hye korang..! Sekian lama tak update apa-apa kat ruangan ni. Mungkin sekarang semua tengah sibuk berperang antara ilmu dan kertas kan? Kusut, serabut, homesick, makan nak cepat dan tidur tak mahu. Tapi tak mengapa, masa-masa genting kita semua sudah hampir berakhir, just hang in there. Syukur kami semua dah selesai paper terakhir pukul 11 pagi tadi. Terasa bagai bangun dari koma yang panjang *senyum*. Sudah tiba masa untuk pulang bercuti ke kampung halaman masing-masing. Kami mewakili budak ChemE ingin mengucapkan.. (banyak ucapan nak ucap nih..)

1) Happy Holiday to all UTPians!
2) Teruskan berjuang untuk geng-geng yang lain for remaining papers
3) Best of luck for internship for ICT BIS students!
4) Jaga diri baik-baik cuti yang panjang ni..
5) See you guys next sem!

Oh ye, satu tribute untuk seorang sahabat ChemE kita, Ngai Yoong.




Gambar: Sorry Ngai Yoong, cilok gambar awak. Gambar budak sebelah terpaksa di'crop'!

May all your wishes and dreams come true! Bestnya birthday dia pada hari kami semua merdeka.. *senyum lagi*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fadzliyana + Hazwani

Fadzliyana turns 22 on the 20th of May 2008.

Happy birthday to Fadzliyana.

Hazwani turns 21 on 21st May 2008

Happy Birthday to Hazwani.

Great Gossip and cake eating session that lasted almost the whole night.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Donovan

His sad face after being egged and "tepung"ed

Today is our very own Donovan Peter Chan Wai Loon's 20th Birthday. Last night we threw a birthday bash for him at the Gazebo a.k.a Pondok Maksiat. The boys egged him, threw flour on him and chased him like there's no tommorow. We got him 2 cakes. A Rassberry Cheesecake from Shira and A pink heart shaped cake from the boys. Around 40 people turn up to celebrate his birthday. Thank you all.

Impatient to blow out his candles..

Blowing out his candles


Happy Birthday Donovan

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Probability and Statistics

A very,very important reminder here for those who will take Prob & Stat final examination this semester,notice that the table given in the formula booklet will be different than what we are using daily in our class and tutorials.Also note that the formula in the formula booklet given will differ a bit.Please help yourself to familiarize with the table otherwise it will create a state of uneasyness, or chaos, during the exam.Things will become complicated and upsetting when you know how to solve a problem, but because the table given is different and harder to read, you lose marks.

This is based on our experience took the paper last semester.In case you guys are given table's like we use daily,then its good for you.But if its not, then God bless you.Imagine this, we, past semester students, only found this out DURING our final exam, somehow making the process of reading the table is as hard as answering the exam.

Good luck

brought to you by:ex student of ProbStat

Saturday, May 10, 2008


For your info, Heat Transfer Final examination Paper, will be postponed
again, from the already postponed date



I personally felt for those who already booked thier tickets, this must be tiring for
you guys in order to change, again, the ticket date, and even if that is possible, im sure
that it has cause you a lot of trouble.Also, I heard moan from those wo already planned something to do during the break.What have we done to deserve this?

So far, with my experience, never once the timetable was changed after they finalised it.
Well im not sure about other courses, but so far in my course, mech eng, it never occured before.
I was wondering if anybody got any idea how this happened..

Rumours have spread about the reason behind this, even 1 of my friends suggested that, since
this subject was sooo hard (killer), we were granted one more study weeek.Also there were other rumours,but I choose not to believe any of them, and i hope you too.The reason behind this only can be obtained if we were to ask those people who set this timetable themself (ACS??).Maybe there are clashes of venues for other subjects? or maybe it was meant to be postponed...who knows..

About the date, yes, EE students will be 'free' by 1st June if im not mistaken, a bit later than ME students even after the heat paper was postponed,but I personally think thats not the point here.The point is how, suddenly, without a cause, a date for our final exam is moved,without any clear reason, and it is found upsetting by most of our mech eng students.

But guys,(motivational talk here, skip if you prefer),look at the bright side,there will be more time in order for us to study heat transfer subject, and maybe,or there is a probability, or we might say, erm, we could somehow excel in that subject since we study that hard within those lenghty gap.Heat transfer can be our saviour this semester.I know this sounds impossible for certain people, but trust me, impossible is nothing. If you choose to believe in yourself and just do it, than you will taste succeess.

(continue here if you skipped). If there are any of you who would like to ask explanation from
the responsible department, you are welcomed to do so and feel free to educate us about this matter. But i personally think that, we could argue how much we wanted, but the decision was made, and we have to live with it...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday for Noly, or Nurliyana Kamarudin who
celebrated her 21 birthday on


Regarded as "Ratu air Mata" by her housemates,
this girl was very,very happy to get a special birthday present by her beloved B

Good luck in Final and may you have a phosperous life

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to Ekin who turns 21 on


Thanks for the organizers who held her birthday party,it was so much fun.
She also expressed her gratitude towards those who gave her cards, wishes, teddy bears.She really appreciate it

We wish you all the best for your final exam

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Marilah same2 kita mendoakan ...
agar family sahabat kita, Siti Hajar Minhad (BIS),
yang accident beberape hari yg lalu,
selamat dan sembuh dgn segera..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

yippe yai yay~!!!!

changes in exams timetable...

Economics - 24th May 2008 - Saturday - chancellor
MIS - 27th May 2008 - tuesday - undercroft

terima kasih kepada usaha-usaha yang telah dijalankan oleh Kamil dan rakan-rakan. Diharap jadual baru ini dapat melegakan hati kite semua, kurang pening da sebagainye....

pen out.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


For those of you mechanical engineering students, please be informed that our examination schedule has been changed.The heat transfer(final paper) subject has been postponed to 26.5 instead of 17.5

we would like to wish sorry for any inconvenience cause from this situation. all we did for the sake of mechanical engineering students. sorry to students who already bought their tickets.
special thanks for students who work for this, (liza, nanai, iskandar, pitmin, farah, ti and the gang)....we really sorry for the inconvenience. shud u have any problems regarding this, u can call one of the person stated above.
sorry and gudlak..