Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Dearest July05,

Since i've got some free time, i thought i'd share what i've experienced in office thus far for the past 3 weeks.

On the 2nd of June 2008, the ITIS students were off to their respective locations throughout the country with some situated at the Islands(Sabah Sarawak) and one or two going overseas. It was a very gloomy morning as we were all about to begin our routine for the next 8 months. As i walked through the front doors of the One Sentral building, i met my other colleagues in a similar state of nervousness, awaiting to meet our destinies for the next half a year.

The routine goes as follows: Wake up for subuh at 6, bath, leave the house by 7 (or earlier), arrive at office by 8-9. The traffic in the morning can be a killer, lrt and buses are packed to the fullest capacity and moving at the slowest paces. Leaving earlier will increase the chances of getting to work on time. If you need breakfast, grab some on the way to work. From 9-1, full time commitment to work assigned. Around 10-11, legs will start to get rather cold in the fully air-conditioned environment, be sure to stretch your legs by engaging conversations with nearby deskmates (make sure they are not busy, some do not like to be disturbed when doing something important) or grab a cup of nescafe at the pantry.

Lunch should be around 1230 - 1430 where we can explore the various food outlets situated near the working area; those in the city, prepare to bring your own lunchboxes, the prices here can be 30% higher compared to what you normally pay at UTP so if you want to save your budget, bring some sandwiches from home. This is also the only time available to settle any business (renew licences, pay bills,) because at other times, you will be busy in the office and by the time you finish, the place you have to go has ended its services for the day (1700). Just before resuming work, be sure to stop by the local mosque/surau for zohor prayers :)

Work starts at 2 till 5. Normally round 230-330, the atmosphere becomes very sleepy so bring along some sweets so that you dont fall asleep (kalu bos lalu, dia cucuk perut nanti ;P)

By 5, people start packing their bags already even if they have work to complete, i guess they either complete their work at home or continue the next day. On the way home is just as challenging as coming to work Fully packed public transports with people pushing and shoving in all directions and also the occasional pickpockets (watch ur belongings) is just part of daily life.
Once you reach home, you bathe, pray, have dinner then most likely go straight to bed after a long day. And then bangun subuh and the whole cycle starts again from Monday to Friday.
Weekends in the beginning you can embark on shopping but soon enough, weekends are allocated for completing any work due next week. The weekend will fly soooooo fast and on sunday night, ade perasaan sangaaaaaat malas nk gi keje sok ;P

And now three weeks have passed, most of us are already tied up to our work, assignments, projects and there are some who are just about to begin. A daily routine , 5 times a week in the beginning can be somewhat taxing though with some perseverance it will be as natural as eating and sleeping. Soon however we will be within the fasting period, i wonder how it will affect the daily processes of the day. As always, pray to Allah for the best.

I will tell you right here right now that somewhere along the way, you will experience a sense of longingness to be back in UTP while doing your internship. Indeed, when you work you really do miss the life of education gathering as always stated in movies. From my point of view, when you work, it is a must do thing; there are no shortcuts, no postponing, no crap. And also, the responsibility on your shoulder is so much more important compared to when being in the university. It is because you are working in teams and representing an organization; you are responsible for everything through your work. This means that if you do not perform, you will be held accountable for any losses incurred. Sangat rindu waktu2 skip lecture, ngantok sgt nk gi kelas.. pada waktu tu yg rugi kita sendiri, org len xkan terjejas.. Bile keje, kena ikut routine sepanjang hari dari 8pg smpi 5ptg, 5 kali seminggu. Xnk gi kelas, senang je suruh org tlg signkan.. tapi kalu buat gitu waktu kerja, the organization will be affected just as much. Dh xde sape nk tolong signkan dh, its time to do things seriously in life.

Pada mereka yg masih ade satu lagi semester, buat resume baik2 sbb resume tu penting kalu nk hantar pada company2 selain dari Petronas. Process dia simple je, once dh briefing by Internship Unit, bleh la setat hantar resume pada mane company melalui email atau call company tu and tanye camane process utk apply. Take your time when choosing your company and your job scope, sbb benda tu akan membantu kita utk mase dpn; jgn pilih ikut gaji diterima; Money can be priced at a value but education and experience is priceless. Jadi pilih la baik2 ye, jgn terus pilih once dh dpt offer, wait for more if you sent more than 1 application then make the best choice :)

Overall, despite the routine, the experience is very much enjoyable. Kita pon dh lame blaja kan, so this training is really different and new so make sure to gain as much as possible.
Insyallah we will try to make it to ConvoFair this year, i think the set date is around 22nd-24th August.. nanti kami blanje korg mkn ye :D

To current ITIS doing internship, bile nk buat gathering? Mari la turun KL before bulan puase hehehe... engineering students who are enjoying their holiday are also invited to join :)

Ok2, nk sambung keje, bos dh start menjerit..

Happy holidays/working everyone!!


kula said...

post yg best..
gargan power~

Anonymous said...

bosan gila la intern... kalo cmtu nak skip kelas puas2 ah next sem...

gimme more said...

this posting, really2 helpful!

ParaPara said...

saye rindukan DC++...
nak donlod muvi..muvi..muvi...

cheredz said...

hey hey hey
buat keje ye parapara
nnti shahrul cucuk perot gitu

iLLy Ramudzan said...

knape weekends ku penuh dgn activity....

knape x rindu UTP lagi???

korg nak balik 22 August tu balik laaaa.... i kene jadi pengapit lagi.... :P

Anonymous said...

ek eleh..bajet la lu mat..intern je pon