Monday, July 28, 2008

HappY BesTDaY YaZiD


hye rakan2,

Today one of our frend going to celebrate his Hari Tua..Hehe..For ur info, Yazid is one of the best Civil Engineering Studs and always maintain in the dean's post/result..He was head of Academic Exco of UCITY and very active person..Furthermore he loves structure sub very much..

So yazid, hope that ur dream to be next Maikel SkopiL (prison break) will came true..


Thursday, July 24, 2008



Ingin bersahur or berbuka dgn makanan tradisional ?? Ingin membawa buah tgn kepada ibu bapa di Hari Raya ??

Tempahan SERUNDING/SAMBAL DAGING sempena bulan Ramadhan or Hari Raya...sape2 berminat leh kontek aku (zahid) melalui:

1. Phone No : 012-9899798

: 019-5212481

2. Gmail :

Serunding ni aku amek dr Kelantan..gerenti sedap !! Kalo xcaye korg tny ar dak2 Kelantan. Bukan setakat sedap..tahan lame lg. Kalo korg nak simpan 2 3 bulan pon xde hal ar..ak jamin !!

Serunding ni HOME MADE..bukan wat kt kilang. So paham2 jela kualiti die yg superb.. =)

[ RM10 for 200g ]

Harga ni memang murah kalo nk dibandingkan ngn kualiti die.. Aku berani jamin yg korg akan berpuas ati ngn serunding ni…Sape2 nk rase sampel leh datang bilik aku.. V5F 4-2-4. Tp gtau dulu ar kalo nk dtg..takut ak xde kt bilik..

Tempahan akan ditutup awal bulan Ramadhan.. sesape yg tempah akan dpt maybe pertengahan Ramadhan..Insya-Allah, same2 laa kite doakan…. Amin…. =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to Md Haziq b Ahmad Bakhtiar (8396)!!
Semoga panjang umor dan murah rezki!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


this is my first post in my july 05, but I think it will be a memorable one, as it is a momento of my friends's birthday-yeah peeps, it's Xi Yi's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

menunjukkan muka gembira kerana besday

He's quite famous for his infectious laugh (It can be heard even if you are 10-20 feet away, not an exaggeration) and of course his smile which often melts a girl's heart(wahahaha). Anyway, I knew this good man wayyyy back when we were undergoing the national service training at a camp in Cherating. Knew him on the first day itself and his trademark smile radiates warmth and makes me feel at home even at such a distant place away from my home.

This is Xi Yi, always a happy-go-lucky guy, and well loved by everybody. He might be back today and rest assure that we will have lots of surprises awaiting for him(air campur tepung, telor, milo, sirap dan sebagainya). Have a great day, again!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best Student (Mech Eng)

Muhammad Redzuan Tauhid Ahmad or "mat red" was born at 6.11.87.
He's father is a famous teacher.He was previously at Seratas, and was from Ipoh.
He's roomate was the ever so famous Iskandar Mahboob and staying currently at v5f.

Why he is the student of the last semester? Simply because he got 4.0 on the semester
that, based on our experience as a mech eng student,was the toughest and hardest ever that we could ever imagined, so far.Although the pressure was mounting so high that even a mountain would falter,he simply stand tall.He simply deliver when other students cant even stand the enormous amount of tension during last semester.

Lets take a look of last semesters subject.There was thermodynamics 2, which the final
exam was really tough.MED 2, even hearing somebody mentioning about the subject would strike a great fear, MOM wasnt that easy,Mechatronics was confusing since the beginning, and it it doesnt seems enough,how the hell that he got A for Heat transfer? A subject of we , mech eng students can only dreamed to understand, let alone wants to score A.

But again this fella was no stranger to success.He consecutively got Dean List for the fourth semester running.I bet you now might think ''oh patut la dia dapat , dia mmg pandai pon'', kind of thinking, well, you re not totally wrong, but it is not that easy.Being an already dean list students, he could not afford to ever dropped, and he has to maintain his pointer, even semester by semester, the subjects and pressure have gone from bad to worse.Plus, he had to ''keep himself hungry'' for success, which was not a simple task to do,
since most people would 'relax' or 'lepak' after he gained success.Most people would think ''ala aku dah dpt dah dean list dulu, x kan la setiap sem pon nak susah2 stuggle, malas la'', but not him.

But again he dont just sit there and study like all other nerd and geeks.He was heavily involved with MAS 08,was a high comittee of Meche Club, and also all other various event,so much that i cant even recall. This shows that he is really a masterclass in managing his time properly.

A good friend, a good lover, a caring person, a hardworking genius and most importantly
soleh ,he simply our Mech Eng Student of the Jan 08 semester by a mile.His place stands up there with the top students from other course, which i think had to work hard too in order to earn their respective suiccess.Im sure there are many better students than him in other courses, but for us he is the top student, so far.We wish you congratulations for your hardwork and success, and may all of us follow your lead and become as successful as you are, or maybe better.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


To begin with, sape yang tak Cuak dgn result exam yg bakal keluar nanti?
Smua org cuak, or, saspen dan takot utk lihat hasil drpd ape yg diorg usahakan selama 1 sem
Normal untuk berasa cuak, takot dan sebagainya,mmg itulah lumrah manusia kan, ye lah
sape yg x cuak?
tapi tahukah korang yang cuak menunggu result exam tu terbahagi kepada beberapa bahagian?

1.Cuak result tak dean list
Sindrom nih dialami oleh mereka-mereka yg dewa atau sudah mencapai tahap mokhsya (heheh), contohnya seperti
Iskandar, Vicky, Nasrul dan sebagainya to name a few(sorry to those yg tak dilistkan) .Memang bagi diorg nih, diorg sangat cuak kerana kadang-kadang takut pointer drop.
The amount of pressure is unbearable, since every semester pun jadi semakin susah and still nak kena maintain dean list, that is sooooooo susah,seriuosly.Ask them to clarify if you still curious.

2.Cuak result tak lebih 3.00
This happen to most students.Almost every student hope that pointer diorg lebih dr 3.00, sbb kalau 2 lebih kang ade je masalah yang timbul.Parent pon nanti asyik-asyik bising je kan.
Most of the student have this kind of 'cuak'.

3.Cuak result bawah 3.00
This usually happen to those yang dah experince result bawah dr 3.00 ,and diorg hope this will not happen again.Most of them thought that, cukuplah sekali dua kan, sampai bila
nak berterusan underperforming camni,nak jugak merasa '3.00 lebih', ye la sbb diorg dah improve dr segi study masa last sem, sbb pointer sebelum tuh dah teruk.

4.Cuak result bawah 2.50
This usually occured to underperforming students.Tapi kalo nak ikot kadang-kadang tuh diorg nih ada yg dah usaha banyak,
rajin buat assignment, slalu pergi kelas, tapi xda rezeki,xpe la nak wat cemane.Tuhan itu Maha Adil nnt kita akan dapat la hak kita ye.

5.Cuak kalau Failed
This kind of cuak usually happen kalo subjek tuh susah sangat, lecturer mengajar tak paham, malas study, atau mmg malas study subjek tuh.

6.Tak cuak langsung
Ni mmg brutal.Hati batu ke ape? =p
Tp, for certain people ada yang mcm nih,Yelah benda dah dibuat dan dah usahakan, berserah je la. =]

So skrg korg rase which part of cuak korang experience?So the next time cuak about result for final exam, make sure which region of cuak
do you experience,
I think it might help you in your study, since this will tell which region of achievement you really hoped for.

Good luck

Hepi Besday

Alamak sori la lupe plak nk post besday mamat nih..
smlm sbnarnye..
9 hb july..

hepi besday to viki..
moga pnjg umor..

Monday, July 7, 2008

ETP July 2008

Greetings fellow friends!!
Good/Bad news to inform you that the list of ETP For july 2008 semesteris already available on e-learning.But in order to view the file, you must enroll to the
Engineering Team project (MAB 3013) course,
and key in the password as we all did in other previous courses.The password is,well, I assume everyone knew it already.
You could easily access the e learning by clicking the link below
So,based on the name list given, how was your group? Best ke x?If yes then good for you..If not then...
But again, this is just a namelist of student.Kalau 1 group dgn those yg tere andthe best pon blum tentu diorg akan buat kerja as good as we expected. =p.We might put it this way
'Dont judge a book by its cover'
But i bet at first mesti tak brape kenal kan kawan-kawan dlm list tu. =]Good luck with ETP. See you guys at EDX.

-stone cold-