Monday, July 14, 2008


this is my first post in my july 05, but I think it will be a memorable one, as it is a momento of my friends's birthday-yeah peeps, it's Xi Yi's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

menunjukkan muka gembira kerana besday

He's quite famous for his infectious laugh (It can be heard even if you are 10-20 feet away, not an exaggeration) and of course his smile which often melts a girl's heart(wahahaha). Anyway, I knew this good man wayyyy back when we were undergoing the national service training at a camp in Cherating. Knew him on the first day itself and his trademark smile radiates warmth and makes me feel at home even at such a distant place away from my home.

This is Xi Yi, always a happy-go-lucky guy, and well loved by everybody. He might be back today and rest assure that we will have lots of surprises awaiting for him(air campur tepung, telor, milo, sirap dan sebagainya). Have a great day, again!


Anonymous said...

hepi besday chin

gArGaN said...

tauke hebat..

slmt hari jadi :D

NaS said...

~happy besTday Chin~