Monday, October 27, 2008

Managing Your Time

Here's an interesting analogy I found on the Internet on managing your
(by James R. Beach)

A professor walks into the room carrying an empty 10-gallon water jug and
dragging an obviously heavy bag. He places them on the teacher's desk. Without
a word, he begins placing white rocks, just big enough to fit through the mouth
of the jug, into the jug until they reach the very top. "Is it full?" he asks. The
class nods.

"Maybe not," he says. He then stuffs tiny pebbles into the jug and the pebbles
find their way through the cracks in the rock. "Full now?" he asks. The whole
class nods.

He then shovels sand into the jug, occasionally shaking the jug, and the tiny
grains sift through the rocks and pebbles. "OK," he says, "now is it full?" The
class nods in unison.

He smiles. He then slowly pours water into the jug until a water glass is finally

"The lesson here," he says, "is that there is always more room in our lives than
we think there is. When you think you're out of time, there is still more available
if you look for it."

Here's the time-saving payoff:

The ROCKS are the important things we have to accomplish regularly to be
successful. They go into our "time jug" first, because they are most important.
The PEBBLES represent those things we may not like to do, but we must do.
They go in next. The SAND represents things that we should do, we may even
like to do, but they're not as important. The WATER represents the few
remaining things that make a difference. If you reverse the order, putting in the
water, then the sand, then the pebbles, there will not be enough room for the
rocks. So prioritize your activities and make sure the rocks go on your schedule

Sunday, October 26, 2008


projek, projek, projek!
xde bende lain ke lecturer kite nak kasi..
bagi la aiskrim ke..
dah la projek banyak, esaimen lg, repot lg..
pastu plak setiap lecturer mcm assume kite amek subjek die je sem tu..
xtau ke subjek len pn byk keje gak..

tp nak buat camne..
kite kan student utp..
kalo x keje lebih, ape yg buat kite special dr org lain?
vicky pn bkn suke2 die dpt 4 flat tiap sem..
tgk la die usaha byk mane..
yg bezakan student2 utp bkn pandai atau bodoh..
tp just rajin atau malas..
of coz la aku masuk kategori malas..

xpe 2 mggu je lg lepas tu dah final exam, then intern..
eh sblom tu stadi week..
stadi week la time plg syok sbb 1 batch sume stadi skali, mostly kat irc..
time ni la peristiwa2 spt salah cubit org, salah masuk tandas ppuan(tah sape) kite bole tgk..
stadi kat irc bole rapatkan lg batch kite sbb sume pn saling tlg menolong, especially subjek2 yg sume org amek, this sem Econ la..
ok la merepek byk2 ni pn just nak ckp..

Good Luck semua~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

EDX 22

Engineering design exhibition is back and this time it is our turn to be the
exhibitor/competitor.It was held at 15 and 16 october at the chancellor complex Interestingly this time, it was held before the actual oral presentation to the judge, and those who are competing were selected by the highest mark during the fabrication process, which was given by thier own supervisor. Sounds unfair? And what was more interesting was that not all participant are willing to join the exhibition, claiming they were to "bz" with overloaded works.

There were a lot of interesting projects were exhibited, by the etp members, fyp students and open innovation groups.Everywhere and most of the time they were people came to visit booths with curiosity about what was exhibited and, honestly, we were proud, although a bit tired,
to explain to them again and again about our project.It was very encouraging to actually felt the atmosphere when somebody did appreciate our hard works.Most of them were interested, or pretend to be, but we just don't care.

Then there were the judging process.Unfairly, the judge were tasked in groups and different area, meaning the judge will not be the same for most groups, and of course , the marks will be affected too, since strict judges do tend to, you know, "kedekut markah"

Two judging session were there , those who were nominated for most innovative will be evaluated fot the 2nd time, to determine the winner for the category.but not to forget there were also Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, also best poster award.Below were pictures taken for some of the winners

1st runner up for Most Innovative awards and Gold medal award
"Children Real Time Localization & Tracking System (C-Track)

Group 13 : 2nd runner up for Most Innovative award and Gold Medalist
"coffee waste as solid fuel"

Group 64 : Gold Medalist
"the KinEMag - the portable USB charger"

I would really like to post more since there were more awards winners and pictures
(this is the part where the 'but' comes in)
but as im writing this i didn't have all the pictures of the group and winners.So if ur interested for the pics, you can always ask yap or any other photograper during the edx.

Good luck and congratulations for the winners, and for the 'not winners' (losers), you ve done a very good job by being in the edx itself.Best wishes for all of you for the oral presentation with the judge.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


awal pagi td (19 oktober 2008), ibu kepada seorang rakan kita, nurliyana kamaruddin(aka Noly) telah menghembuskan nafas terakhir dipercayai kerana menderita penyakit kanser.

semalam, nenek kepada nur fathanah nurhayalim juga telah meninggal dunia.

marilah sama2 kita mendoakan agar ibu noly dan nenek kpd fath ditempatkan di kalangan org2 beriman.
bagi yg masih punya ibu, bapa, saudara mara, mahupun rakan rakan, sayangilah mereka dan curahkanlah bakti kerana kematian itu wajib datang dan tidak diduga.
semoga kita semua menjadi anak2 yang soleh dan solehah, sentiasa berbakti kepada ibu bapa ketika mereka masih ada.

Musicfest 6

Musicfest is back and this time it was better.It was held at DNA place by skarface.From 1 to 7 pm, guest were entertained with various performance from many talented bands from UTP.Most of them were headbanging and jumping most of the time.I guess the fans really enjoyed themselves.

Although there were a number of bands, the one that really cought my attention was no other than Hazel.They simply were at another level, compared to the others. Starred by nadim, kay, pasha, topek, bonzer, jelot and the drummer boy mat pit, they simply mesmerized the whole scene with thier act.

Thier show kicked off well with the new hit song, Munajat cinta by The rock, and then continued by the evergreen song, Bernafas dalam lumpur by Wings.

And than came the third song, Im alright. This instrumental song by neil zaza simply smashing.Nadim and Topek together with bonzer rocked the whole audience with thier extraordinary guitar skills that an average guitar player could only dream of.By this time the crowd were getting bigger since they cant any longer held back the temptation to watch the greatest.For those who were actually outside and sitting at the back, thier ear cant anymore obey to thier body which wanted to sit down or simply relax after they were tired wathcing thier own friends performing.Everybody were cought up in the atmosphere and watched the performance.But we cant blame Hazel though,it was not thier fault that they were awesome.

If those songs still not enough,then came Mr.Crowley.This Ozzy Osbourne song which was ranked at 16 in 100 best guitar solos album totally rocked the scene.Kay was all out during the chorus,supported greatly by bonzer with his bass together Nadim, which were energetic thoughout,including Topek who were busy with the solo.At one part it looks like the Amp might be caught on fire.Breathtakingly amazing.You guys may argue that there are better and bigger band than Hazel, but at that day they were simply stunning and it was a performance that will remain in the heart of the fans for a long , long time..

Between the show, there are a guest performane by star-D,the group of dancer from UTP.
If you missed the dancing, it was an energetic performance, inpired by Michael Jackson's thriller.
The Guys were great and the gurls were, erm, hot.The show ended at about 7 with another guest performance from guvnor.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


...ayah mohd kamal ruzaini, 10459 baru sahaja meninggal dunia maghrib tadi(9.10.08). marilah sama2 kita sedekahkan al-fatihah dan berdoa semoga ayahnya ditempatkan di kalangan mu'minin. Amin...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random raya rants


Maaflah lama tak update.Bukannya tidak mahu update, tetapi kekurangan idea dan masa kebelakangan ini memandangkan sungguh banyak skali kerja-kerja berkaitan ETP, project dan macam-macam hal lagi.Saya memang teringin nak update and rants hampir setiap hari,sepertimana Shira dalam blognya shirakoala, seperti ismal dalam storytoriesnya, atau seperti noin yang kreatif dalam lookingforarainbow, tetapi malangnya ini bukanlah blog peribadi saya yang saya boleh tulis apa saja di dalamnya.Ini blog anda semua juga.So saya kira x adil lah utk saya merepek hal-hal saya yg x penting disini.

Sudah pasti korang tengah suka berhari raya kan.Dapat duit raya? "Poor" you kalau tak dapat.Poor as in poor,or as in kasihan,Work both ways. Tapi dah tua kan, sapa nak bagi.sigh.Kurius tentang apa kawan-kawan anda buat di hari raya? Korg boleh tgk sini , situ dan sana , dan juga sinun.Macam-macam projek dan cerita. Tapi yang penting di hari raya adalah bermaaf-maafan antara kita, dan, erm duit raya.

Apa lagi.Hmm.Kalau kamu masih blum tahu, blog ini sudah boleh dikira terkenal di kalangan warga utp dan luar.Banyak pihak-pihak luar yg letakan blog ini dlm blogroll mereka.Pernah satu ketika seorang lecturer mahu meletakkan post disini.Sbb baginya dia terkejut kerana, pada pandangannya, pelajar-pelajar amat aktif ketika di luar kelas, masuk berbagai event di sana dan sini, tetapi amat diam di dalam kelas.Dia hairan.Dia juga bertanya bagaimana mahu meletakkan post disini.. (zulamryn,toge,2008).Harap-harap lecturer tu tak baca la post pasal mr azhan.kalau tak.. =]

Pasti kamu semua ingatkan tentang post Petition anybody? Post tentang satu petition yg dibuat utk menyedarkan seorang lecturer, dan juga mungkin lecturer lain, tentang cara pengajaran yg lebih berkesan.Hasilnya, petition itu tidak dibuat, tetapi ada sebilangan pelajar yg drop course lecturer tersebot.Fair enough. Semua kita ada pendapat kita masing-masing dalam satu hal.Kita bebas membuat keputusan.Bagi saya semua org berbeza, walaupun kita tidur satu bantal, tetapi mimpi kita lain-lain.Tapi saya tak drop la.tapi mungkin sedikit menyesal dgn keputusan tersebut lepas test1.sigh.

Pada mana-mana kamu yg ingin meng-upload gmbar raya bolehlah dipass kepada saya ataupon mana-mana author ya.
Jangan segan-segan.

Selamat hari Raya.
Maaf zahir batin.