Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final exam..

The final exam is back again this semester, and this time, it is better (in terms of horror).Felt like its just yesterday i posted about the last semester exam, and now suddenly we have to suffer another one of this boring exam stuff.

For the mechanical engineers wannabe, this is our final exam table, so far.

We will start of by mechatronics 2, and end up with vibrations.For those who are not mech eng, probably you guys are not familiar with our subject.Well basically there are a 6 + 1 etp subject taken this semester, which the ''degree of hardness'' can be listed as follows.

1. non-killer
Engineering economics
Computer Aided Engineering

Mechatronics 2
Fluid Mechanics 2
Manufacturing 2

3.Serial killer

As ranked, vibration is the worst ever subject ever to be taken by us.Of course you guys got other hard subject as well, never doubt that, but so far as we study during 7 or 8 semester here,
I simply cannot imagine there will be any subject harder than this.It makes last semester killer subject. Mech Eng Design 2 seems like a joke.

What else is missing? yes. the fight. Last time there were a crisis about the date of Heat transfer final exam.Most of the people back then agree that if a big decision like that is to be made, it should be agreed by all people, not by just several.The intent was pure good, but the method was a bit 'not professional', some said.

Good luck for your final.Have a good internship.And for those who aint got any yet, you deserve to be 'cuak' by now.


iLLy Ramudzan said...

jangan cuak.... lepak la.. ur places will come soon enough..

and all the best to all for your final exams!!! :D

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

kalo vibrator tu killer subject x?