Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy new year 2009!!!!!!

Apekah azam tahun baru anda? adekah azam 2008 sudah tercapai?
Pa pe pon kita harapkan 2009 akan membuka lembaran baru dalam kehidupan kita, dan semoga kita lebih berjaya sebagai student, trainee,seorang anak,dan seorang yang patuh pada tuntutan agama.InsyaAllah.

Monday, December 22, 2008

iNternship experience - Rumah sewa bujang

I'ts been a while since the last time i updated the blog, sincerest apologies guys. =] .The last time i wrote, all the hype surrounding this "internship" had clouded the utp atmosphere and now we're nearly a month into this internship thingy and i believe at this point of time we already had a clear view on whats going to be done during our training period.Sv's we re assigned, job's already given, presentation are due and lots of stuffs are going on, but still, during this early weeks there's not much to be done.Some said they got bored in the office, while others moan they have to work on Saturday.Yes, SATURDAY.

Okay lets get back to the topic. I think everybody knows what does it means by this rumah sewa bujang, but those who dontmainly because since we re studying in UTP, the rooms are given.We dont have to struggle to find rumah sewa in our area.In that aspect, we re a bit lucky compared to other uni students.


Inside, We dont have to pay for the so-high-wtf rent, the bills, the internet, costly outside foods and traveling costs.Almost everything were served in front of us and we should thank God for that.I cant imagine we could survive this if we only got the scholarship money only.

Keadaan dalam rumah sewa tu pon bukanlah hebat sgt, if you re lucky you got the furnished ones la, but if ur not, empty ones are the only option.So cmne rupanye la rumah sewa nih? I dont know la if you guys punya rumah sgt lawa dan nice, but as far as i know, after interviewing most of my frens, the views are likely to be like this...

ruang tamu

Blik tido 1

Blik tido 2

Nothing stands higher than 1 meter.Laptop ke, Pc ke, everyhting are on the floor-level.Tiada meja makan, mesin basuh,tv and almari pon kecik comel jek.Even the small things bothered us so much sometime. Nak sidai tuala pon tade tempat.Even one of my frens house the only available "luxury" are a heater and iron,without the board. Not just that, sometimes the fees are too high, so terpaksa la bersesak2 duk dlm1 umah, nak jimatkan kos.Makanan pon macam $%^@ mahal.What to do. Sigh.

But the thing is, even is the situation is like that, bila tanya je dorg, enjoy x intern? most of them responded hell yes.That is the main thing la for me.Time ni la kita cari pengalaman bekerja, cari experience, susah senang skali dgn member-member.Ada jugak yg duk usya kakak staff cun.Enjoy je even hakikatnya agak susah skit.Kadang-kadang tu perasan juga betapa susahnya ayah kita cari sesuap nasik. Tu pon bukan dia makan kat dia sorang, bagi kita jugak, smpai kadang-kadang tu x cukup untuk dia beli ape dia nak.So nanti bila dapat gaji janganlah kita kedekut nak blanja member-member eh . =].

So that's about it from me for now.Enjoy your internship.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tips & Hints for Newbies

Oh wow! Everyone has gone through a week for internship. For IT/IS students you're either nervous as hell about the final presentation [btw, good luck] or relieved that it's over [congrats!]. Here's a little word of wisdom from me, after a long hiatus from writing at my July2005

1. Please smile whenever someone approaches you

it helps okay, makes you look approachable.

2. Never answer : I don't know
always, always reply, Right now I'm not sure about it, but I'll get back to you on it later. [another helpful tip, ask whoever it is you need to ask and get back to them a.s.a.p!]

3. Ask if you don't know!
The staff will gladly answer. we're interns! we're not supposed to know anything. but do ask nicely. ;)

4. Work your way up
If you start out with photocopying, binding and peon-ing, don't worry. Especially if you are succeeding someone else. You'll get real jobs once your predecessor returned to campus. So chill out, we are interns, not executives!


5. Knowledge sharing is power
Hoarding knowledge around the office gives the impression that you're stuck up and good for nothing. To put it crudely, it's the culture of uncivilized people. If you don't share what you know, how can you gain their trust?

That's all from me. Happy working!