Thursday, September 17, 2009

Batch Dinner, Raya Wishes dan dot dot dot

This few weeks had been real hectic for all of us.
FYP, projects, assignments and whatnot.
Committee batch dinner, tak payah cakap la.
On top of everything, nak kena plan an event for the entire batch lagi.

I myself, am not in the committee, but i can see that theyve been working their butts off to get things up and running.
(okay, serious bukan nak bodek. ikhlas ni.haha)

Reading the last few posts, ive noticed that everything about this dinner is complicated.
Nak pilih theme yang puas kan hati semua orang.
Nak pilih performances.
Nak get everyone to come and attend the dinner.
And it shouldnt be as complicated.

It should be simple.
As simple as a group of people from the same batch, having a meal together and reminiscing on the good old times selama bertahun tahun kita kat UTP together.

We have come a long way,
A long looooong way.

Tak tahu korang still ingat lagi atau tak.
But generally talking, what i can remember is this.

Back when we were staying in Old V5, orang orang di tingkat atas Duyung sentiasa ada benda nak shout from their rooms to all the passerbys. Hoho.
Dulu, macam tak berapa nak faham apa motif dia.
But, bila ingat balik, it does seem kinda funny.

And dulu, time exam or tests, or even time nak buat assignment pun, most of us will be flooding the cafe. Study group sambil makan munchies.
Even in the dead of the night, the cafe will still be very much alive, with our jokes and laughter(seronok kot dulu buat assignment and study pun boleh gelak gelak gembira).

And even the group projects dulu was a lot lagi best dari sekarang.
Do you guys remember that we used to berlakon drama for English class. All those different people from different courses, acted and played their part.
(sekarang kerja nak involve calculation and programming je, fooh, stress.)
And at the end of the day, it gave us something to look back to.

Things have changed so much since then.
Dah masuk degree, class semua dah jauh jauh.
We barely bump into one another, unless nampak dekat mamak.
Itu pun, kadang kadang tegur, kadang kadang tak.

Then we all left for internships, spread all over the country (some lucky ones, the world).
And when we came back, lagi la separated sebab semua dah ambil major lain lain.

And this batch dinner, i believe, is to set all those differences aside.
To dekat kan balik the gap between each one of us.
To bring us closer.
So that one day, when we are all working, we will look at the pictures of the dinner, and be able to say :
"oh my batchmates and i had a real bond once upon a time, and we had a smashing time at our dinner."

It's not just about dressing up as rockstars.
it's not just about the meal that we will be having.
It's not just about paying RM55 for the dinner.

It's more than that.
It's about all of us, differences aside, being one, for once.
One last time.

It makes me sad bila such a petty issue as the theme can cause so much riot.
It shouldnt be like that.
Tak kisah la, anda masuk July 05 dari foundation ke. Or masuk from matrix masa July 06 ke. Or dah tukar course and end up going to classes with the July 05 ke.
Tak kisah, yang penting, we grew up together in the past 4 years or so.

And that is what we should be celebrating.

On another note altogether, i wish Eid Mubarak to every Muslim that is celebrating Raya. Selamat berseronok seronok di kampung halaman.
(Nak suka suka pun, main mercun sudah, please jangan main meriam bom C4 la segala).
Serious nak korang semua datang dinner dengan semua body parts intact.

Coming home from the raya break, we will all suffer from a massive workload and tests.
But hopefully, we'll get to wind down and chillex during the dinner batch.
I miss duduk duduk dengan satu batch dan bersembang sembang
(weyh weyh! itll be like Minggu Aluan Siswa all over again!! hoho. kena menyanyi lagu UTP ni kat dinner)

I think this is panjang enough.
I shall stop now.

Last words, i genuinely am sorry if ada terkasar bahasa, tersakit kan hati anyone of you. Mintak ampun banyak banyak. Selamat Hari Raya.



1Uganda said...

brilliantly written.

& eid mubarrak to everyone too! :)

syfq amr said...

..selamat hary rayaaaaaaaa... maaf zahir batin... =]

openg said...

kalau kat facebook dah click "like" dah ni..

=) epy raya.

Elena said...

Good one Sha :)

And selamat hari raya to everyone :)

aiman said...

nice... -like- ala facebook....

PenulisAmatur said...

tgh2 epi beraya sakan kat kampung..mlm2 baca ni tetibe terasa sayu... [OUT]
[sentimental mode]

Shira-chan said...

much loves for this post =)

iLLy said...

iLLy likes this. :)

Selamat Hari Raya Tasha and everyone at myJuly05

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak blog gua.rilek rilek beb.



why.don' said...

nice one.
lu mmg pandai tulis.
ape late buat buku biography umtuk batch from ur POV?
untung kasi gua.

Merissa K. said...

apaaaa laa as! ambil kesempatan . pfft. hahahah

layatt said...

like it.. tq~

Tok Aweed said...

tukar course la sha..

enroll bahagian penulisan dan pajakan bernas..

konfem u jadi tan boon tat dlm kelas tersebut..

hopefully isi kandungan penulisan merissa menjadi inspirasi kepada sesiapa yang boikot dinner batch nih..

Merissa K. said...

thank you thank you :)
bangga boon tat! heheh