Sunday, April 4, 2010

Listening to radio using winamp in UTP

hye guys!! how..uhuk2...berabuk sudah blog are u!!??

okey guys, wanna share something with you to play radio online using your winamp in our room!

maybe some of us already knew about this,and maybe some of us still blur about here's a simple tutorial to all..

what u need? u just need winamp installed in ur pc..
then follow the steps below

  1. Open winamp
  2. Go to preferences Options> preferences or Ctrl+P
  3. Then, at the preferences, put the proxy(nbproxy:8080) just like i did in the image below
  4. Then close it and u r one more step to the end :)
  5. after close, just open the url of streaming sites provided below..file>play url or Ctrl+L..and it to hear ur radio :)
  6. Here are the only available online radio I found..
plz dont ask me where the others radio ok? haha..that's the only streaming with clear signal i can recommend to all of u.. adios..happy listening :)

kudos to my frens,teng,apih and cixkud


yap said...

owh forgot to mention..
if u are using wifi or broadband,u dont need to put your proxy there..
just skip that part..and still leh dengar~ :)

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

semat ah yap~ xpyh la aku nk dgr radio pki henpon~ kalo msj masok da xdgr sekejap~ ptg stim btol~ tengkiu to all!

kula said...


Nash™ said...

caya ar!

kula said...

jadi2.. thanks sume yg menyumbang!

Anonymous said...

tv3 or ntv7 xde ke?

Inspector Clouseau said...

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Md. Abdul Mobin said...

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