Sunday, April 4, 2010

Listening to radio using windows media player in UTP hehe

oke guys..everyone keep asking me if there's another radio online available..and already found it guys!
but u need to use windows media player..
know what? this one EASIER than before..ceh..susah jugak ni pun..sori guys!

  1. Open windows media player
  2. File>open url or Ctrl+U
  3. paste the link..wait a little moment..then..tadaa!!
online radio that available using this method

edited: there are some people told me they cant listen to the radio..this is because of the proxy..sorry guys..
u need to setup ur proxy also in

  1. put it in ur internet explorer,and just like Fake said,wmp will detect it automatically..
  2. open Internet explorer>tools>options then network tab
  3. or go to option in wmp,choose network tab
  4. sorry for the problem :)
  5. this the bes i can do~ hik2


yap said...

ikim lambat gle nk buffer or myb sgnal kurang..pminat2 nasyid leh try link radio nasyid

fly fm link da mati..

FaKE said...

aku rase wmp tayah set sbb die auto ikut proxy kt ie kn.kalu tak kne set manual juge

Anonymous said...

hot leh. red je cool. cpt je

kicKing said...

Thanx..... a lot.. u good!!!

-iNtAnAdiA- said...

thanks for sharing =)

zaid said...

ni pun bole jgk bro
tp fly dok leh

bobrianto said...

adui, camne nak buat kt slackware aku?

free movie download said...

nice site,,, thanx for sharing

Vinu said...

very usefull. thanks for sharing.